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About Us

We provide great convenience and privileges to our customers coming Hanedan Car Rental Airport. Free car delivery and re-purchase can be done at the airport. 7 days / 24 hours at the airport for our rent a car customer and the car he rents is delivered.

Hanedan Rent a Car Rent a car is composed of cars with many brands and models, and it offers rental cars in both passenger car and commercial vehicle categories.
Our Mission

Our Rent a Car company is a corporate, developing and reliable service company that creates value for its business partners and society with its employees who meet their customers´ short and long term vehicle needs, service advantages, and employees in Trabzon and surrounding cities.

Our vision

Our company aims to create economic profitability in the short and long term car rental sector and to have the highest and highest quality vehicle fleet. We always took the best as a target in the car rental industry, and we were never satisfied with what we did. We gained the trust of people knowing that trust is the hardest thing to have in the world, and we started to rise rapidly in the rental car industry. Our company, which knows the importance of gaining customer trust very well, has risked losing money rather than losing trust, has always reached this high level in line with your wishes with years of experience. Today, every company has different vehicle needs according to its field of activity. Buying vehicles means finding new financial resources for companies. On behalf of its customers, Hanedan Rent a Car solves its vehicle needs in a very short time in line with demands.

Customer happiness

As Hanedan Rent a Car, we are working to provide you the best service with many types of cars Economic class to Luxury class. You can check the properties and prices of the cars you can rent our vehicles page, and you can find detailed information about renting a car, commercial and fleet the Conditions page. Dynasty rent a car offers our vehicles, which are formed with a renewed vehicle fleet every year, with individual rentals and professional staff of our expatriates abroad. The increase in our references and number of vehicles day by day reflects the quality of our company in the car rental sector. Our company, which meets the vehicle needs of both companies and individuals, meets your every class vehicle needs.

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